12/04/2017 12:42 BST

'Good Morning Britain' Presenter Laura Tobin Gets A Nasty Surprise From A Baby Chick

Oh no.

‘Good Morning Britain’ presenter Laura Tobin got an unpleasant surprise during a live broadcast on Wednesday (12 April), when nature took its course as she presented with a bird on her hand.

As a pre-Easter treat, Laura gave the day’s weather report live from Bocketts Farm, where she was seen talking to viewers with a newborn chick in her hand.

Unfortunately for her, though, she was forced to interrupt her own sentence when the chick did what newborn chicks do best.

“Ahhh! It’s just pooed on me!” she shrieked, much to the visible disdain of her co-presenters Eamonn Holmes and Kate Garraway back in the ‘GMB’ studio.


Ever the professional, though, Laura was able to finish her link in full, before concluding: “It’s definitely a boy.”

‘Good Morning Britain’ viewers are never far away from some class of hilarious live TV moment, and last month, Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard were left red-faced after attempting a dance lift.

Despite Ben bragging about his past dance training, he wound up falling backwards on the sofa after trying to lift Susanna, bringing their closing link to an abrupt halt.

Eamonn and Kate are currently filling in for Susanna and Piers while they enjoy their Easter holiday, almost a decade after they lasted presented together on ‘GMTV’.

But that isn’t the only ITV daytime reunion viewers have witnessed in recent times, with Phillip Schofield co-presenting ‘This Morning’ last week with his former right-hand woman from way back in the day Sarah Greene.

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