10/05/2017 11:38 BST

Susanna Reid Expertly Shuts Down Piers Morgan's Attempts At Flirting On 'Good Morning Britain'

We know who wears the trousers in this TV relationship.

Piers Morgan’s attempts at flirting were brought to an abrupt halt on Wednesday’s (10 May) ‘Good Morning Britain’

Susanna Reid was having none of it when he likened their relationship to Prime Minister Theresa May and husband Phillip’s. 

The pair were discussing the PM’s appearance on ‘The One Show’ with her other half, which saw Phillip confess he’d fallen in love with Theresa when he first met her. 

Piers Morgan's flirting did not impress Susanna Reid on 'Good Morning Britain'

Piers joked: ”Love at first sight, it’s a bit like our first day here, wasn’t it? A real zinger.”

Susanna replied: “We are nothing like the Prime Minister and her husband.”

But Piers insisted: “Oh I don’t know - I put out the bins, you wear hot shoes.”

“And I run the show...” she quipped, before quickly moving the show along. 

Piers later attempted to strike things back up again by telling his co-host: “Don’t stare at me adoringly, it puts me off.”

“You wish!” she joked, adding: “I don’t stare at him adoringly.”

It was recently revealed the pair’s relationship had helped GMB’s ratings rise by 17% year-on-year, with the show now attracting over a million people each day. 

However, it is still trailing rival ‘BBC Breakfast’, which remains the most popular breakfast TV show on the box. 

‘Good Morning Britain’ airs weekdays at 6am. 

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