23/10/2020 10:38 BST

Graham Norton Admits To 'Zoning Out' On His Chat Show: 'It’s Just Yakkety Yak'

The BBC star does a good job of faking it, we'll give him that.

Graham Norton might appear to be the most dynamic chat show host on the box, but it seems he’s not always as enthralled by his guests’ anecdotes as he makes out. 

The BBC star has admitted he often finds himself “zoning out” as some of the famous names on his couch are talking. 

Speaking to The Sun, Graham said he glazes over “all the time”, stating: “You zone back in and they’re still talking and you think: ‘I wonder if I’ve missed anything?’ But, you probably haven’t. That’s the trick.

“It’s just yakkety yak. If I’m on it, I’m listening. I’m still bored.”

Graham Norton 

Graham’s latest admission comes after he previously said he doesn’t always like some of the stars who come on his show. 

He told The Sun last month: “There are people on the show that you don’t like, that’s inevitable, but that doesn’t mean they are a bad guest. Often people I don’t like, they’re rather good guests.

“The people who work on the show dislike a lot more guests than I do. When they get on the sofa they’re nicer.”

Graham’s show returned to the studio earlier this month, after the last series saw him hosting from home with guests appearing remotely.

There have been a number of changes that have seen the usual red sofa replaced with individual chairs so guests are spaced apart, while some stars still appear virtually. 

The comedian recently said he thinks the switch to US A-listers appearing via video link could last well beyond the pandemic, as he doesn’t know if celebrities will ever travel in the same way post Covid-19.

The Graham Norton Show airs on Fridays at 10.35pm on BBC One.