06/02/2021 10:05 GMT | Updated 06/02/2021 10:09 GMT

Graham Norton Gets Stitched Up By Big Red Chair Guest As She Recalls Mortifying Story About Him

The comedian had a taste of his own medicine on his BBC chat show.

Graham Norton usually gets his Big Red Chair guests to share their most embarrassing stories, but it was him who was left red faced after a particular tale on Friday night. 

The comedian ended up being the subject of a mortifying story told by a woman called Francesca on the latest episode of his BBC chat show. 

She recalled how she was working in a theatre bar a few years ago, and a very famous person walked away without paying for their drinks after being accosted by fans. 

And that famous person? Yep, it was Graham. 

Appearing remotely while Alan Carr sat in the Big Red Chair in her place, Francesca said: “The audience and cast would come before and after a show, and one night, this famous person had come to see the show and came into the bar where I served them. I was making their drinks – I think it was two gin and tonics...”

As Graham could be seen hovering over the leaver seemingly knowing where the story was going, she continued: “As I was making their drinks, these two cast members came over and started asking for their photos. So I put their drinks on the bar, they turn around, pick up their drinks and walk over to their table without paying.

“Now you’re probably wondering who this famous person is... it was Graham Norton.”

Graham quickly reached to tip Alan out of his seat and put an end to Francesca’s story.

Graham had a shock during the Big Red Chair segment of his chat show on Friday

“I knew it was me!” he gasped. “I knew it was going to be me. 

“I never pay for drinks! How dare she ask me for money. I’m supporting live theatre!” he joked. 

“It was an accident,” he insisted. 

Recovering from his tipping, Alan then said: “Can you warn me next time you’ve been tight!”

That’s not the only surprising anecdote we’ve heard about Graham this week, however.  

Appearing on Mel Giedroyc’s new show Unforgivable, he told of how he unnecessarily had a body part removed after a childhood lie went too far

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