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Grammys 2017: Lady Gaga And Metallica's Performance Marred By Microphone Fail

It didn't stop it from being a powerhouse moment though.

Lady Gaga showed a very different side to herself as she took to the stage with Metallica at the Grammys, but their performance hit a snag when it was marred by technical issues. 

The legendary metal rockers suffered a microphone fail, as they teamed up with Gaga at Sunday (12 February) night’s ceremony. 

The group’s singer James Hetfield could not be heard at the start of their rendition of their recent hit ‘Moth Into Flame’, after his mic stopped working. 

Lester Cohen via Getty Images
Lady Gaga teamed up with Metallica at the Grammys

However, that didn’t stop them from delivering a powerhouse performance, with James overcoming the issue by sharing a microphone with Lady Gaga. 

She also proved how badass she really is when she did a stage dive into the crowd. 

Christopher Polk via Getty Images
Gaga took a dive off the stage during the performance

It was certainly a far cry from the Gaga fans saw at last Sunday’s Super Bowl, where the singer wowed the crowds with an impressive halftime set, which saw her showcase her greatest hits. 

While many may have been surprised at her latest duet, it actually marked a return to her roots, as she began her career go-go dancing to metal in New York bars before hitting the big time. 

She has also spoken out in the genre’s defence in the past, claiming people do not understand its importance. 

Speaking about Iron Madien in an interview with CR Fashion Book last year, she said: “They’re one of the greatest rock bands in history, in my opinion. Some people really don’t know the importance of metal and the scope of it. Those guys were filling stadiums, and they still are.

“And it’s because of the culture of the music, the poetry that’s so powerful, that whenever the fans come together they unite in the essence of what Iron Maiden is all about. I always used to say to people, when they would say, ‘Oh, she’s the next Madonna.’ No, I’m the next Iron Maiden.”

Her collaboration with Metallica has left a lasting impression on Gaga, as she has marked the occasion with a new tattoo, that may or may not be the real thing. 

The Moth & Metallica 🦋------->🔥🖤#ink #tattoo #MothIntoFlame #MetalliGa #metal #grammys @metallica

A photo posted by xoxo, Joanne (@ladygaga) on

Gaga appears to have had a massive moth etched on her back, seemingly so she will remember their performance of ‘Moth Into Flame’ forever. 

She unveiled her latest piece of body art ahead of the Grammys on Instagram, writing: “The Moth & Metallica #ink #tattoo #MothIntoFlame#MetalliGa #metal #grammys.”

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