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Great British Bake Off: Jamie Took Everyone On A Rollercoaster Of Emotions During Biscuit Week

There were disasters aplenty as everyone's favourite baker took on week two of the competition.

Those who’d hoped Great British Bake Off contestant Jamie Finn would manage to pull back his disastrous start to the competition were left disappointed on Tuesday night. 

That’s because the 20-year-old barman had another series of absolute calamities as the bakers took on Biscuit Week - and this time, he did not escape unscathed. 

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Sandi, Prue, Paul and Jamie in the Bake Off tent

Jamie snapped under the pressure during the Signature Challenge when he attempted to make sour cherry and caramel shortbreads encased in chocolate. 

He was left calling his own creations a “dogs dinner” after they collapsed while getting them out of the moulds, leading to Michelle restoring everyone’s faith in humanity by helping him out. 

“It’s like biscuits after an earthquake,” host Sandi Toksvig remarked. 

Judge Prue Leith was not much more complimentary either, saying as she took a bite: “I wish I could say that it looks dreadful and tastes fantastic...”

Jamie suggested: “But it looks great as well?”

“Sadly not,” Prue responded. 

As the bakers were then set the task of baking fig rolls during the Technical Challenge, Jamie ended up ranking second from bottom after making a rather hilarious gaffe. 

Viewers saw how he washed the delicacies with egg – something Paul Hollywood claimed had made them “look like sausage rolls”. 

“Paul looked like he wanted to kill who put that egg glaze on,” Jamie said. “It’s not looking good for me.”

Paul and Prue then asked the contestants to bake a 3D biscuit sculpture for the Showstopper Challenge, with Jamie choosing to make a guitar out of shortbread. 

Disaster struck when the surround of the instrument collapsed as he got it out of the oven, forcing him to bake a second. 

And while Paul and Prue agreed that the finished product didn’t taste all that bad, they both called it “clumsy” looking. 

Of course, Jamie’s mishaps did nothing but endear him to the British public...

However, their love was not enough to save him, as he became the second person to leave the tent this series.

Everyone was understandably gutted...

Elsewhere, Alice was awarded Star Baker this week, after impressing with her lamb-themed showstopper, having previously placed top in the fig roll technical. 

Vet Zoe also wowed with her 3D gingerbread chicken creation, which was inspired by her own chicken who survived a fox attack. 

But for now, we say goodbye to Jamie. Thanks for the memories. 

The Great British Bake Off continues next Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4.

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