08/02/2021 08:56 GMT | Updated 08/02/2021 09:02 GMT

Gregg Wallace Reveals One Major (Antisocial) Downside To Being A MasterChef Judge

Did his invites get lost in the post?

One of the biggest perks of being a judge on MasterChef is getting the chance to tuck into lots of plates of delicious food, but it also brings one big downside, according to Gregg Wallace.

Gregg, who has been a presenter and judge on the BBC food competition since 2005, has revealed it means he’s Mr. Unpopular when it comes to one particular social event.

Two words: dinner parties.

BBC/Shine TV
Gregg Wallace

During an appearance on Graham Norton’s radio show, the foodie admitted he hasn’t had a single invite in the entire time he’s been on MasterChef.

“Since I started MasterChef nearly 17 years ago, I’ve never, ever, been invited to someone’s house for dinner,” Gregg revealed.

“I think it’s really unfair. As if I’m gonna go, you know, what am I gonna do? Give them a quarter-final place or tell them to go home? 

“What happens is, your expectation goes up or down, depending on where you are. Let me tell you, I’ve never been disappointed in a chip shop. I’ve regularly been disappointed in a Michelin star restaurant. Never been disappointed in a KFC or McDonald’s. How about that? Because your expectation goes up and down.”

Gregg, who has embraced a healthier lifestyle in recent years, also revealed that he has to be careful when it comes to sampling all of the contestants’ dishes.

“I’m very careful about what I eat,” he explained. “I’ve got no control over MasterChef though.

“I can literally walk in and find we’ve got a dessert challenge today. I’m going to have to face nine puddings! You just have to be stricter at breakfast and dinner. 

“Can you imagine, if in the middle of MasterChef I suddenly said, ‘Sorry, I’m not tasting that. You’ve put far too much cream in it. Why don’t make something with a little less sugar?’. That’s just not going to happen.”

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