How Two Grieving Mums 'Automatically Had A Connection' Thanks To This Heart-Shaped Necklace

'This lady was my blessing today.'

Two grieving mothers were brought together by a heart-shaped necklace, even though they were “complete strangers”.

One of the mums, named PJ-Darl Rivera Macalintal‎, was on the till at her pharmacy when a lady told her how beautiful her necklace was.

The heart-shaped pendant featured two footprints on it, in memory of a baby she had lost.

“In an instant, my eyes burned with tears,” she wrote, when sharing her story on the Love What Matters Facebook page on Tuesday 15 November.

“I tried hard to compose myself and still be professional, thanked her and asked, ‘Did you have one, too?’”

Macalintal‎ continued: “She said yes and automatically we had this connection.

“Her hands reached for my hand and she told me that I am going to be a wonderful mum. It was a precious moment.

“This lady was my blessing today. I guess all of us mums who have angel babies will always connect, we are complete strangers but having gone through the same grief, suddenly we know each other so much deeper than our long-time friends.”

Within three days of being posted, the post had been liked more than 16,000 times. It has encouraged other mothers to speak out about their own “angel babies”, to ensure grieving women are supported and don’t feel alone.

“I have two angel babies who would be 23 now,” one woman commented.

“I feel them everyday and everywhere. When I see my son who is non-verbal look up in the corner and begin smiling, I know they are there.

“As mums of angel babies, we have been blessed.”

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