Graveyard Video Shows Teenager Being Bitten By Mysterious Flying Creature

What IS that?

This is the creepy moment a teenage boy appears to be bitten by some sort of small blood-sucking creature while exploring a cemetery.

The teenager was being filmed by friends as they explored the graveyard in Westbury, Tasmania.

At first the boy can be seen joking around in the darkened cemetery before he suddenly begins waving his hands around and slapping his neck, as if bitten by something.

In a second clip, he can be seen sitting on a sofa with what looks like a wound to his neck.

The boy, who has not been identified, suggests he was bitten by a bug but when the group examines the footage they took in the graveyard, they are left perplexed.

“What kind of bug is that?”, one of his friends asks as she zooms in on a still from the video.

In the title of their original video the teens suggested the creature could have been a fairy, while one commenter on the second video suggested it could have been a demon.