21/09/2016 09:40 BST

Margot Robbie Reveals Harley Quinn's Signature Perfume

It might help you get into character too.

Planning on dressing up as Harley Quinn for Halloween this year? Margot Robbie has a top tip to share.

The actress revealed she used two specific perfumes to get in character while filming ‘Suicide Squad’.

And, nope, this isn’t a plug for Calvin Klein. Robbie is the face of the brand’s Deep Euphoria fragrance - but that’s way too classy for Quinn.

AtlasDC Comics

”I bought her perfume in a strip mall drugstore,” she told Elle magazine.

“It’s a super tacky cheap brand. The packaging is a skull. It’s perfect. Then I got a Playboy perfume, too, so she has one when she’s Harleen and one when she’s Harley.

“There’s nothing subtle about them.”

Atlas/DC Comics

Robbie didn’t name the exact perfumes, but the team over at Hello Giggles did some sleuthing.

They worked out the drugstore perfume shaped like a skull could only be Ed Hardy’s fragrance ‘Sculls & Roses’ - a warm, sugary scent with strawberry, violet leaf, honeysuckle and caramel notes.

Ed Hardy
Ed Hardy Skulls & Roses For Her, £23 from

As for psychiatrist Dr Harleen Quinzel’s signature scent, we reckon Playboy’s Play It Sexy perfume - with notes of mandarin, pink pepper, jasmine, vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood - is a perfect fit.

Playboy Play It Sexy, £6.25 from