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Harry Redknapp's Wife Sandra Admits She's 'Embarrassed' By His 'I'm A Celebrity' Declarations Of Love

"He doesn’t realise everybody is hearing him talking about me."

Harry Redknapp may have won over ‘I’m A Celebrity’ fans with his worship of wife Sandra, but it seems she’s less keen on his public declarations of love. 

She has admitted she is often “embarrassed” by his constant praise of her on the ITV reality show. 

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Harry Redknapp with his wife Sandra

Sandra, who has been with Harry for 54 years, told The Mirror: “It has been quite hard to watch him.

“He doesn’t realise everybody is hearing him say things and talking about me, it’s quite embarrassing really.

“He doesn’t realise that all the public are seeing him say things, which is very nice. It’s very flattering.”

Sandra also admitted she is finding it hard not having any contact with Harry while he is in the jungle, saying she has missed him “terribly”. 

Harry is currently favourite to win 'I'm A Celebrity'

“I didn’t realise they take your phone off you in the first week before the show starts, so he rang me to say, ‘I can’t speak to you any more’. That was hard,” she said. 

Sandra added she thinks Harry “has what it takes” to be crowned King Of The Jungle, after he was made the bookies’ favourite to win the series. 

While in the jungle, Harry has told of how he is “scared” of something ever happening to Sandra, as he would not be able to go on without her.  

He said: “Even when I’m out I ring her 10 times a day. She’s my life. I’m a bit scared, getting a bit older. I love her too much, if anything happened it would just kill me.

“We just get on so well, I only want to be with her. I can never wait
to see her. Jamie says, ‘You’ve won the lottery.’”

Harry previously told his campmates of the incident that saw him accidentally run Sandra over in 2016. 

‘I’m A Celebrity’ airs nightly on ITV. 

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