10/05/2017 11:36 BST

Harry Styles Finally Shares Footage Of His Haircut, And A Million Hearts Are Still Broken

Mop chop 💇‍♂️

It was only last year when the unfathomable happened: Harry Styles chopped off his trademark mop.

Even though a bevy of broken-hearted girls are probably still in mourning, the One Direction singer has now shared footage of the act on YouTube

As part of a recent documentary, Harry Styles: Behind the Album - with Apple Music - the musician has released a teaser of some of the behind-the-scenes footage which shows Styles scared as he lets a hairdresser cut off his mid-length locks.  

Apple Music / YouTube

The star actually cut off his hair for his film role in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk - due to be released this summer.

Styles later donated his lovely locks to the Little Princess Trust — a charity that makes wigs for young children who’ve lost their hair from cancer treatment.

The full documentary - which showcases the entire recording process of Styles’ debut solo self-titled album - currently has no release date but we’re certain it’ll be watched by millions. 

And as we all know: hair grows back...