09/03/2017 17:50 GMT

This Beauty Tutorial Hilariously Captures All Of Us Trying To Apply Make Up

She's all of us 🙌

A beauty tutorial by Australian vlogger Tanya Hennessy has perfectly parodied the daily struggles of applying makeup

1.4 million on this video! 😳😳😳 Thanks guys! If you haven't seen it it's my realistic make up tutorial 😘

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Capturing how to apply ‘everyday makeup’ Hennessy talks us through her methods and product picks with sheer hilarity. 

The breakfast radio presenter at HIT 104.7 Canberra keeps it real:

“I use this MAC primer that a lady sold me against my will,” Hennessy said. 

“I put it on with a brush that’s lost its label because I’ve had it since (probably) 2002, maybe. I’ve never washed it.”

Let’s be fair, we’ve all watched an online tutorial from one of the professionals and got lost as our list of ‘new products to buy’ becomes exhaustive. 

Thank you, Hennessy - for keeping it real.