14/07/2017 15:20 BST

Hilarious Video Of People Falling Over While Walking And Texting Has A Truly Shocking Ending

What seems like a compilation of funny clips suddenly turns serious.

This post contains graphic content

There’s nothing more annoying than when someone walks straight at you with their head down looking at their phone - not looking where they are going.

And as this video shows, focusing on your mobile rather than looking up is not only be annoying for those around you but also result in mishaps and minor injuries that might leave you red-cheeked.

The powerful video made by South Africa’s Western Cape Government’s Safely Home department, shows various people hurting themselves while texting and walking.

But what initially seems like a compilation of funny clips, suddenly has a very serious message - and it comes right at the end when you least expect it.

The video’s message is clear: “You can’t even text and walk - so why do text and drive?

“It can wait.”

Watch above to see the shocking ending.

Western Cape Government
Why texting and walking can land you in deep water