Hillary Clinton's Election Day Mannequin Challenge Is As Skilful As Is It Is Clever

'Don't stand still - vote.'

Hillary Clinton has tried to give her bid for the Presidency one last boost by getting in on a viral video trend - on her campaign jet, no less.

The Democrat nominee for US President posted footage of her, husband Bill and singer Bon Jovi doing the ‘Mannequin Challenge’.

It showed the trio, along with other figures in Clinton’s campaign team, stand motionless while a staffer moved through the airplane cabin filming their poses.

The Challenge has evolved from the likes of Planking, the Harlem Shake and the Ice Bucket Challenge. It sees participants remain completely still in complex scenes, while the person filming moved through them.

Clinton posted her own version of the clip on Tuesday, as most Americans headed to the polls to elect their next President.

She wrote in a clever message on Twitter: “Don’t stand still. Vote today.”

Most voters in America are casting their ballots in the election today. HuffPost’s Pollster shows Clinton is on course to win, with 47.5% of the popular vote, while Trump trails on 42.3%.

They have narrowed in recent days, after news the Democrat nominee was facing further investigation by the FBI over sensitive e-mails held on a personal server.

The Bureau’s director on Sunday announced there was no criminal wrongdoing in its reassessment of some 650,000 new e-mails found in October.