16/01/2019 14:18 GMT | Updated 16/01/2019 14:18 GMT

Hilton Bankside Opens Fully Vegan Hotel Room (But You Have To Be Loaded To Stay There)

It's giving us major bedroom goals 😍

Fully embracing the vegan lifestyle spans far beyond what’s on your plate – there’s what you wear, what toiletries you use and where you lay your head at night.

A fully vegan hotel room has opened in The Hilton Bankside, using vegan materials and products for an eco-conscious traveller.

The cruelty-free experience starts from the moment you step through the door, with a plant-based check-in desk and keycard made Piñatex – a natural leather made from the fruit’s cellulose fibres that have been extracted from its leaves.

As for the suite, it’s had a major refurb so that all materials used are vegan and environmentally-sourced. The feather down has been replaced with a Buckwheat pillow made with 100% organic buckwheat hulls, while the stone-grey flooring is made with 100% renewable and sustainable Moso Bamboo and carpets are made from organic and responsibly-sourced cotton. The seating and headboard is vegan too, made from the Piñatex leather used to make the keycard.

And of course the menu is fully vegan as well as the mini bar, with vegan snacks galore from Graze and Deliciously Ella.

The room is now open for bookings online until January 2020 - but it should be available from the hotel indefinitely. But like with many vegan lifestyle choices, there’s a hefty price tag. 

The rate for the room is £549 per night (including VAT) while a room of the same size that isn’t vegan costs one hundred pound less at £449. Meanwhile, the ordinary room rate starts at £195 (excluding VAT). 

The room was created in partnership with multi-sensory design duo Bompass & Parr, who you may remember from their Jelly-creating days, and with approval from The Vegan Society.

A spokesperson from The Vegan Society, Danielle Saunders said in a statement: We’re thrilled to see the concept come to life. The hotel has carefully selected different plant-based features with exceptional attention to detail and we’re pleased to see that those who live the vegan lifestyle are now able to expand their plant-based options with the opportunity to enjoy vegan travel.”

The Vegan Suite is available for reservations immediately. Contact reservations@hiltonbankside.co.uk  to book a stay. 

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