Holly Willoughby 'Full Of Emotions' As She Takes Youngest Son To His First Day Of School

"Thank you 'This Morning' for moving heaven and earth so I could drop him off."

Holly Willoughby shared a heartfelt Instagram post to mark her youngest son’s first day of school – and her emotional comments have resonated with many parents.

The TV presenter shared a selfie holding Chester’s hand with the caption: “And he’s off... full of a whole host of emotions watching him walk through the classroom door”.

“My baby is growing up,” she added.

The mum also thanked ITV’s This Morning for moving “heaven and earth” so she could drop him off. “That’s a day we will both never forget,” she added.

Speaking on the show this morning, she said: “My final baby has left the nest. He was quite nervous actually, he didn’t want to get in the car. I was more emotional than I thought I [would be].

“I thought he was going to be fine, I thought he was just going to breeze in, but he was a little bit nervous. He’s only in until midday today so while we’re on the show I’ll find out how he got on.”

Willoughby also shared her back-to-school preparations on Sunday night, with a photo of her three children’s school shoes near the front door.

“Who else’s front door looks like this?” she asked. “Big day for Chester tomorrow: 1st day of school. Good-luck to anyone else starting their school journey... can’t believe he’s at this stage already.”

Other parents who could relate to the first day of school nerves commented on the post. “It’s my baby’s big day next Wednesday - got butterflies just thinking about it,” one person wrote.

Another commented: “I am going to be with my granddaughter as she starts school tomorrow, absolutely dreading it. So nerve-wracking. Hope Chester has a good day.”

And a mum also wrote: “Great employer allowing you to do this. Hope mine does the same next year. I can’t wait for it.”