'I'm A Celebrity': Holly Willoughby's Reactions To The First Trial Were Absolutely Priceless

And she wasn't even taking part.

As any regular ‘This Morning’ viewer will know, Holly Willoughby is pretty easily terrified, so quite why she signed herself up for a stint in the Australian jungle as the temporary host of ‘I’m A Celebrity’ is anyone’s guess.

However, few could have predicted quite how extreme her reaction(s) would be as the first Bushtucker Trial took place.


The unlucky victim celebrity taking part in Viper Pit was former ‘Inbetweeners’ actor Emily Atack.

The trial saw Emily going underground and raiding various snake-filled compartments, before lying in a watery pit with the slippery creatures, all in the hope of earning stars, and therefore meals, for camp.


And while the trial was undoubtedly horrifying, anyone would have thought it was actually Holly who was actually undertaking it...

Her emotions went from worried anticipation...

To jittery and jumpy

To panic

To incredibly tense

To “no, seriously. I actually can’t watch this”

To full-on losing her shit

To disbelief

To the point where anything would make her gasp

Literally, anything

The whole thing had her ‘This Morning’ co-host Phillip Schofield in hysterics...

In the end, Emily ended up earning nine stars for the two camps, as well as a pass that would take her from the squalor of Snake Rock to the more hospitable surroundings of Croc Creek.

Viewers later selected ‘The Chase’ star Anne Hegerty to take on the next Bushtucker Trial, which is cryptically called Monstrous Monoliths.

See how Anne (and indeed Holly) fare in the challenge as ‘I’m A Celebrity’ continues tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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