Holly Willoughby Once Stared In An S Club 7 Film, And It Was Brilliantly Cringeworthy

Let's just say she's a much better presenter than she was actress.

Holly Willoughby is one of Britain's best-loved presenters, fronting shows including 'This Morning', 'Play To The Whistle' and 'Surprise Surprise', but we bet you never knew she had a secret past as an actress.

Until now that is, as unearthed footage has revealed Holly once starred in an S Club 7 TV movie.

<strong>Holly Willoughby starred in an S Club 7 TV movie</strong>
Holly Willoughby starred in an S Club 7 TV movie

The TV host starred opposite the 00s pop group as she played the first girlfriend of band member Paul Cattermole, Zoe, in 'Artistic Differences'.

Holly was around 18 or 19 when she appeared in the movie, which aired on the BBC in 2000, and clips from the film show that she's barely aged a day over the last 16 years.

<strong>Zoe was an underwear model in the film</strong>
Zoe was an underwear model in the film

In one scene, Zoe and Paul enjoy a romantic date that is rudely interrupted, while another shows Holly's character working as an underwear model.

Zoe then gets her heart broken when Paul dumps her, in what has to be the most unemotional break up scene ever.

<strong>Holly played Zoe, the girlfriend of Paul Cattermole</strong>
Holly played Zoe, the girlfriend of Paul Cattermole

Holly won the part after appearing in CITV series 'S Club TV', which saw a bunch of teens hosting a spin-off show, inspired by the band.

But after watching this, we're not exactly surprised Holly chose to pursue a career in presenting rather than in acting.

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Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby

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