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Holly Willoughby Shares Theory To Guess Gender Of Unborn Babies, Tries It Out On Serena Williams' Photo

'Do it, I tell you, it's always right.'

Holly Willoughby shared her theory on how to guess the gender of a woman’s unborn baby by trying it out on Serena Williams’ latest pregnancy photo.

Williams had tweeted a photo out of her bare baby bump and asked fans whether they thought she was expecting a girl or boy.

Straight away, Willoughby said she thought it was a girl, then demonstrated her “theory” on guessing the gender of babies.

“You see the shape of your hand if it goes in like that it’s a boy,” she explained on ‘This Morning’ on Wednesday 28 June, holding her hands on each side of her stomach.

“So if it goes in at the bump it’s a boy and if it goes out there then it’s a girl.”

Holly Willoughby demonstrating what a bump looks like if you're expecting a boy.
Holly Willoughby demonstrating what a bump looks like if you're expecting a girl.

“As I’m looking at the picture, she looks like she’s going out there,” Willoughby continued.

“It’s hard to tell in a photo but if you’re pregnant at home do it, I tell you, it’s always right, it’s that shape.”

So what do you think? Can you tell by looking at Williams’ bump that it’s a girl? 

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Williams revealed in April 2017 that she “accidentally” announced she was pregnant by sharing a photo on Snapchat.

“I have this thing where I’ve been checking my status and taking pictures every week to see how far along I’m getting,” she told a TED conference in Vancouver, Canada, according to EuroSport.

“I was just saving them (for myself). I’ve been so good about it, but this was the one time it slipped.” 

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