03/04/2017 12:12 BST

Holly Willoughby Outs Herself As A Spanx Wearer As She Flashes Her Pants On ‘All Round To Mrs. Browns’

WARNING: Knicker-flashing ahead.

Holly Willoughby revealed one of her style secrets during an appearance on ‘All Round To Mrs. Browns’ on Saturday night.

The ‘This Morning’ revealed she was wearing control pants after flashing her Spanx on the BBC show.

Mrs Brown told Holly: “I have to say that your dress is absolutely beautiful… You can see my panty line, we can’t see yours’.

Holly then admitted: “No, that’s because my pants go from there to there. Spanx!”

Holly then proved the point by pulling up the hem of her dress and pinging the bottom of the knickers.   


Holly’s ‘This Morning’ co-host Phillip Schofield was also on the show - as were the pair’s mums, who proceeded to embarrass them both with stories of their childhood.

Phil’s mum revealed she always knew he was destined to be a presenter because he used to interview the guests at their guesthouse with a pretend microphone.

She said: “He used to have a pretend microphone and saying I’m just going to give a interview with these visitors.”

Cue a very red-faced Phillip.


Meanwhile, Holly also went a nice shade of crimson when her mum, Lynne, spilled the beans on her love of arts and crafts as a youngster.

Lynne explained: “She used to make brilliant bird boxes. It was a bit freaky when she made this eight foot cross, she stapled all these rhododendrons to it.

“She tapped on the window to show us. We thought, ‘This is a bit weird.’ So we had to drag it up the road to the church.”

When Holly isn’t being embarrassed, she’s busy embarrassing other people - something ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ champ Ore Oduba knows all about.

Ore was a guest on the ITV sports quiz show ‘Play To the Whistle’ last month, when Holly enquired about the well-being of his manhood.

After introducing the 31-year-old presenter to the show, Holly asked him about his time on ‘Strictly’ last year, before enquiring: “How is your penis?”

Holly explained: “Because you said and I quote it took ‘an absolute beating’ during Strictly.”

Ore then said: “Let that be a lesson to all of you never talk about your penis in public.”

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