Homewrecking Penguin Causes Utterly Savage Fight

Holy. Crap.

A National Geographic documentary has filmed the moment a penguin returned home to find his wife with another man.

What followed is one of the most savage and depressing encounters ever featured in a nature programme.

Confronted with the choice between her old partner and the new flame she rejects the returning husband.

So he fights for her. And what a fight.

<strong>The homewrecker, right.</strong>
The homewrecker, right.
National Geographic
<strong>The males square off.</strong>
The males square off.
National Geographic
<strong>The loser, bloodied and now single.</strong>
The loser, bloodied and now single.
National Geographic

Predictably, people are a little shaken by the video.


If you too are traumatised, here’s some positive penguin news.

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