One-Eyed Pug Becomes Hotel's Newest Member Of Staff

Her name is Parker

A hotel has announced its newest team member - and she's sure to melt even the iciest customer's heart.

Parker the one-eyed pug is the newest addition to concierge staff at the Park Hyatt hotel in Chicago.

The five-year-old dog "with special needs" came from the PAWS Chicago animal shelter.

The pooch has since settled into her new home and, by the looks of it, she's thoroughly loving the suite life. Just look at that little neckerchief...

Parker's backstory is a sad one. According to the Chicago Tribune, the pug was originally rescued in Tennessee.

When she was picked up, she had a severely damaged eye, painful skin tags, rotting teeth and a urinary tract infection.

Parker was taken in by PAWS Chicago animal shelter, where her health issues were treated. It wasn't long before Walter Brindell, the general manager at Park Hyatt hotel, found her and decided to give her a loving home - at his hotel.

According to hotel staff, Parker enjoys a "luxurious life". She sleeps behind the front desk, poses for photos with guests, basks in the sun on the roof garden and is generally spoilt rotten.

Her owner Walter Brindell described her as a "very quiet, reserved pup" who "loves everybody".

He added that she genuinely brightens everyone's day, including staff at the hotel.

"For the staff, the associates, without question, it has just put a smile on their faces and it brings in an element to hotel environment that was not there before," he explained.

We don't know about you, but we think all hotels need a Parker.

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