21/08/2018 09:50 BST | Updated 21/08/2018 10:07 BST

Being Active Means I Can Explore My Surroundings When Away From Home

Presenter Matt Johnson explains how he stays full of life while travelling for work.

Matt and dad head off to New Zealand, Matt Johnson

I’m very much a fitness fan and really love working out. I’m travelling for work a lot at the moment, so my primary goal is maintenance, but fitness is also really important for my mental health.

When I’m away, I always hit the hotel gym first thing in the morning. I do a little bit of interval running followed by an all-round body circuit for about 50-60 minutes in total. Exercising during my downtime is so good for the body and the soul.

If the weather is good, I love to go for a run. I did this in Glasgow recently and had a great run around the city. Everyone was telling me to have a fried Mars Bar, so I did…  well I had to sample the local cuisine – those Mars Bars are delicious. This just so shows the contradiction that I am – I’m sure the run hardly burnt off the calories, but it was so worth it as you really get a feel for the place you’re staying in.

Working out also puts some structure into my life while I’m travelling. My routine is non-existent apart from my fitness. I suffer from chronic sleep deprivation, which is a terrible thing, so I grab structure when I can. When I’m desperately tired and I’ve got to wake up and work, I find that exercising really helps me focus on the working day ahead.

It also helps counteract room service and deep fried Mars Bars! I was in LA recently – I’m producing a film – and I had to schmooze the investors, so it was lots of rich food and wine. I was also one of the only people walking in LA – everyone drives - but I so prefer to experience a new place on foot.

And then with all that extra walking you can indulge. There’s nothing worse than having an allowance on the room and not using it - I’m not that stupid! Let’s face it, room service is a key perk of travelling with work.

I’ve also recently got into deep stretching – it helps with my posture and alleviates any muscle strains. The great thing is I can do it wherever I am – I just wake up and stretch, and yes, I’m a bit like a dog! It also acts as a kind of meditation, setting me for the day and helping me get my mind sorted.

Travelling with work can get a bit lonely, but luckily I’m a big fan of solitude. I enjoy my own company and love that time when work is finished and I’m lying on the hotel bed in a robe, watching a feel-good movie and having a glass of vino. It’s pure bliss for me.

Saying that, I think I’m ready to start sharing my life – and travel - with someone. I know a lot of business guys enjoy time away from their wife and kids but I’m the opposite. I’d love to be able to share all my wonderful work opportunities with someone.

I did recently take my dad Gary (pictured) away on, what has to be, the most memorable work trip ever. It was all-expenses trip to New Zealand for the British Lions Rugby tour. I definitely earned my top son points with that!

It was always a dream of mine to go on the Lions tour, but to go to New Zealand, which is a country I love, to be able to bring my dad along AND to work out there was such an experience. Seeing my dad’s face light up when I told him was everything! It was a truly emotional trip – one I will never forget in my life.

The only lady I travel with at the moment is Pearl – she’s my passport!  She is very well travelled – in fact, she’s nearly full. Pearl’s been around the block, so Pearl: The Sequel will be accompanying me on these work trips soon.

The famous Pearl! Matt Johnson

I’ve got genuine ants in my pants when it comes to travel – I still get excited when I go away, even on a work trip! I love that thrill of going to the airport – even if I’m just flying up to Manchester. I’d happily be in a different place every week if I could.

Me and my dad have even thought about buying a camper van – so watch out for me on a road near you… I travel so far and wide with work, that I’d actually be quite happy to travel coast to coast in my van.


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