This Is How Many Times The Average Person Will Have Sex In Their Lifetime

And how many partners you'll have.

If you want to know how your sex life compares to the rest of Britain, start keeping a tally.

A new study has revealed the average Brit has sex a total of 5,778 times before they die.

Using the national life expectancy of 83 years, the research also revealed that Brits will fall in love 6.5 times and have eight romantic partners in a lifetime.

But sadly, we will be dumped 5.5 times and have six unrequited loves.

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The study of almost 2,000 Brits looked at the nation’s lifestyle habits and revealed the average life by numbers, which includes a staggering 3,386 trips to the pub and as a result, 1,793 hangovers.

The average Brit will also drink 17,031 cups of tea, eat 3,685 roast dinners and spend a whopping £66,732 on alcohol in their lifetime

According to the report, we will sleep for 181,770 hours (20.8 years), work for 136,328 (15.6 years), take 2,689 selfies and spend an average of 52,502 hours (six years), on social media before the day we die.

Reassuringly, the majority of those surveyed said spending time doing things they love keeps them in a good frame of mind, with 88% saying “life is good” and a further 84% saying they are “generally happy” with their lifestyle.

Despite this, the data also suggests the average Brit will cry 2,490 times and have 2,888 arguments during their lifetime.

But with 7,370 films, 3,685 outings with friends and 174 holidays to look forward to - it’s no surprise we enjoy an average of 16 “good days” a month.

Our inner sofa sloths will spend 103,003 hours (almost 12 years) glued to the TV and feed our new age addiction of binge-watching by spending a further 33,335 hours (3.8 years) catching up on the latest box-sets.

Luckily, to combat our love of lounging around, we will exercise outside of the gym on 7,171 separate occasions and spend 75,738 hours (8.7 years) outside.

The research, by cashback and rewards site Quidco, also revealed that on average we will visit our relatives 4,880 times and attend 274 family gatherings.

When it comes to splashing the cash, the survey revealed Brits will spend £17,181 on haircuts and have 1,394 beauty treatments.

A spokeswoman for Quidco said “When the number of hours add up it can seem like everyday tasks are taking over. Who wants to spend 20 years of their lives asleep?

“However, it is very reassuring that we Brits consider more than half of our days every month to be good ones.”

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