21/03/2017 12:39 GMT

Be Prepared To Be Amazed At How Nail Polish Is Made


Science never fails to amaze us, especially when it comes to beauty

If, like us, you’ve wondered at how nail polish is actually made then this video from Refinery29 takes a closer look at how the glossy lacquer is created for our nails.  


It all starts with a chemist using a whole lot of pigments (in powder form), mixing and a suspension base. Every component then swirls together to form a beautiful, bright hue. 

The polish then makes its way to a filling machine and into a glass bottle. 

Who knew the French Manicure was actually created in 1976 by Hollywood makeup artist Jeff Pink who was inspired by his wife Orly?

The eponymous brand Orly now makes over five tonnes of nail polish every day in this very factory and each brush has around 600 bristles.

Also, amazing pub quiz fact: nail polish has been around for centuries. It was first started by the Incas in the 15th Century, who painted pictures of eagles onto their nails.  

We’re sure glad they did.