How To Cheat On Exams Quora Reveals Seriously Creative Ideas

But it doesn't hide the fact it's not worth the risk.
Tim Macpherson via Getty Images

As students across the country prepare to face exam season, internet searches for the best cheating strategies are undoubtedly due to spike.

But before people get too excited, it's worth remembering the penalties for deception are simply not worth the risk. The best advice remains: don't do it.

Yet the question "What are some particularly creative ways that students cheat?", posed on Quora last year, has recently elicited some replies which cast light on a whole hidden world of trickery...

It seems a lot of time and effort can go into pulling off the perfect deception.

Others utilise the latest technology in their quest for grades.

Yet some methods are more 'insidious'.

While the Quora thread at times prompts more questions than even the most impressive tactics attempt to answer, penalties for those found cheating are *seriously* not worth the risk.

While students at universities are guaranteed a fair hearing, those found to be guilty of deception during exams or on their assignments can face being expelled.

Oh, and the chances of getting away with it aren't as good as you might think.

It found a disproportionate amount were foreign students - and a new tactic, buying bespoke essays online, was said to be gaining popularity.