9 Ways To Cope With Leaving Glastonbury And Returning To The Real World

The dream is over.

Hold back the tears, but Glastonbury is officially over for another year, and now you have to wait a full 365 days before peak happiness can again be achieved.

No more Pyramid stage, no more Flaggy McFlagface, no more tributes to David Bowie and Prince and no more mud. (The last one we could do with not experiencing for a while).

In the mean time, you need to get reacquainted with a 9-5 routine, sleeping within four walls and it no longer being acceptable to howl at moonrise.

Here's the only way you're going to get through it.

1. You were smart enough to book Tuesday off work. But you might want to considering extending that to Wednesday.

2. You're not emotionally ready to look at photos. They will only make you cry ugly tears.

3. Get iPlayer on a loop and watch all the stuff you missed whilst you were knee-deep in mud.

4. Keep sleeping in your tent in the garden. Use a damp sleeping bag for the most authentic camping experience.

5. Only eat food from pretentious pop-up restaurants and neglect all of your five-a-day.

6. Don't use toilet roll and reminisce about the long drop.

7. Convince your friends that wearing glitter make-up is still acceptable in central London.

8. Don't bother catching up on the news you've missed. We left the EU and it's not looking so peachy.

9. Listen to your playlist on a loop and pretend the dream isn't over.

1. This man

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