The Recipe For A Happy Relationship Has 50 Key Elements, Apparently

Includes three long walks, two cracking rows, and more tea rounds than you might expect.
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Six meaningful conversations, three long walks and two barnstorming rows every month – that’s the recipe for a perfect relationship, according to new research.

A survey asked 2,000 happily married couples about the inner workings of their relationship and found the most contented placed high importance on trying new things together, going on weekends away, and turning a blind eye when the other person is being moody or annoying.

Happy couples also valued listening to each other grumble about work, showing the other how proud you are of them, and being respectful in front of others.

The research, commissioned by Warner Leisure Hotels, resulted in a list of the 50 – yep, you read right – elements that are supposedly key to a happy relationship.

A fair distribution of household chores paves the way for a successful union, according to the findings, as does being able to laugh with each other after an argument.

Researchers found that 63% of happily married adults place a lot of importance on their other half behaving romantically, with one in five impressed with the larger gestures like booking a trip away. However, 36% are also content with the smaller acts of kindness such as dinner out every now and then. And almost four in 10 consider everyday gestures such as putting the bins out as romantic.

Pursuing your own hobbies and interests, allowing your other half to see you at your worst, and being silly with each other were also all valued highly. The list also promotes that age-old adage, “never go to bed on an argument”, and includes a reminder to always offer your partner a brew when you’re putting the kettle on for yourself.

How many of the components do you recognise from your relationship? Read the full list of 50 to find out:

Top 50 key components of a happy marriage:

  1. Spending quality time together

  2. Looking after them when they’re sick

  3. Feeling you can be completely yourself

  4. Letting them pursue their own hobbies and interests

  5. Seeing each other at your worst and best

  6. Having regular cuddles

  7. Being respectful to them in front of others

  8. Making regular plans together

  9. Being proud of their achievements

  10. Being silly with each other

  11. Exploring new places together

  12. Sharing the same sense of humour

  13. Trying new things together

  14. Always remembering important occasions

  15. Not making decisions for each other without checking in first

  16. Having a fair distribution of household chores

  17. Showing an interest and engage even when they’re talking about something you really don’t understand

  18. Forgiving their bad habits

  19. Doing things they want to do, even if you don’t enjoy it

  20. Saying ‘I love you’ every day

  21. Saying ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ each day

  22. Listening to the other grumble about work

  23. Going on weekends away together

  24. Always making them a hot drink when you make one

  25. Not going to sleep on an argument

  26. Turning a blind eye when the other is grumpy

  27. Being prepared to watch TV shows you don’t like

  28. Being nice to their family / get on with the in-laws

  29. Having a good routine

  30. Being forgiving if they admit to bumping the car or shrinking your favourite t-shirt

  31. Going to some length to make one another laugh

  32. Being able to laugh about arguments afterwards

  33. Watching a TV series together and trusting the other one not to watch an episode alone

  34. Noting when they talk about something they are interested in or want, and treat them with it later

  35. Make an effort with their friends

  36. Accepting that sometimes you get a better night’s sleep apart

  37. Picking your battles

  38. Having weird in-jokes

  39. Surprising them with gifts

  40. Always praising them to other people

  41. Being prepared to share your meal when eating out

  42. Saying they still look beautiful when they’re looking their worst

  43. Being comfortable with going to the toilet in front of each other

  44. Buying an extra snack or drink even though they said they didn’t want it (because you know they will want one when they see yours)

  45. Passing wind in front of each other without being grossed out

  46. Leaving nice messages for one another

  47. One of you being a voice of reason

  48. Regularly delivering tea or coffee in bed

  49. Playfully insulting each other relentlessly

  50. Always taking one another’s side even if they’re not right

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