How To Maintain A Healthy Weight – 3 Lessons From A Diabetes Expert

New year, new 'foodrobe' 🍆🍅🥔🥦🥕

The man who is partially responsible for helping people to reverse their type 2 diabetes is on a mission to help us all live a healthier life.

Professor Roy Taylor, an expert in medicine and metabolism at Newcastle University, is one of the brains behind a new diet system which will be offered to 5,000 NHS patients this year, as part of clinical trials to try and help them reverse their type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin to maintain a normal blood glucose level or the body is unable to use the insulin that is produced. This results in a person’s blood sugar levels rocketing.

The key to reversing it, Prof Taylor told The Times, is by supporting patients to lose 15kg. With this amount of weight loss, the body manages to regain natural control over blood sugar and reverse to a normal, pre-diabetes state.

Prof Taylor has penned a book, Life Without Diabetes, which aims to help people improve their lifestyles and reduce diabetes risk. Here are three ways to think about food that could help when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight.

Refresh your ‘foodrobe’

If you’re feeling motivated to go on a New Year’s health kick, start by developing a new “foodrobe”, Prof Taylor suggests. Ditch biscuits, crisps, cakes and other sweet treats; get rid of the sugary drinks and say no to ready meals. Instead, stock up on good, honest foods – whole grains, fruit, vegetables, nuts, etc.

Brekky isn’t always best

Breakfast is often described as the most important meal of the day, but Prof Taylor suggests otherwise. If you don’t feel hungry in the mornings, don’t feel like you have to force some breakfast down.

Some people prefer to just have a hot drink first thing and not eat until lunch time – that’s fine, as long as you avoid snacking during the morning.

And for those who can’t even think straight without a bit of brekky, that’s fine too – we’re all different. But Prof Taylor recommends a boiled egg before leaving the house rather than grabbing something from a coffee shop on the hoof.

Are you hungry – or just bored?

Yep, as already touched upon, snacking is not your friend. Your body is designed to work well without any food intake for quite long periods but boredom can often mean people think they feel peckish, says Prof Taylor.

If you do feel the need to snack, grab a glass of water instead, he suggests. It’ll keep your hands busy, if nothing else.