We've Discovered A Way To Switch Ageing Off

Lives were extended by 16 per cent.

Scientists have made an important discovery about the ageing process that could help us extend our lives by at least a decade.

They found that blocking a molecule known as GSK-3, resulted in longer life.

The good news is, this could take us one step closer to an anti-ageing pill.

The experiment was conducted on fruit flies.
The experiment was conducted on fruit flies.
Herwig Prammer / Reuters

However, the bad news is the experiment was done on fruit flies so it may take us a while before we can apply the science to humans.

Researchers used low doses of lithium to stop GSK-3 from working in fruit flies.

As a result, the flies' lives were extended by 16 per cent.

However, on bigger doses their lives were shortened.

Dr Jorge Ivan Castillo-Quan, lead author of the study, told the Independent:

"We’re excited about GSK-3.

"It could mean that all sorts of diseases related to ageing could be prevented for the near future if it was to become a therapy starting in middle age.

"I think that’s an even more exciting perspective than life extension.”

The study, which was published in Cell Reports, could have implications for delaying the onset of age related illnesses.

"There’s a lot of controversy about lifespan extension. But this also concerns extension of health," Castillo-Quan told the Independent.

"For example if this drug could delay Alzheimer’s from the age of 75 to the age of 90 that would be extremely good."

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