18/02/2021 10:27 GMT | Updated 19/02/2021 19:01 GMT

Hugh Grant Reveals Son Stabbed Himself In The Face With A Pen Over Homeschooling Frustration

“I’ve rented two teenagers to come and homeschool them. Poor things, they don’t know what’s hit them. Ghastly."

Hugh Grant has revealed his son stabbed himself in the face with a pen after becoming frustrated during a home-schooling session.

The Undoing star said his son was trying to solve a Maths problem when the incident happened.

The actor, who has five children, opened up during a SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversations at Home interview with his Music And Lyrics co-star Drew Barrymore.

The 60-year-old is currently living in Turkey with his family while he shoots a movie there.

Hugh Grant

“I’ve rented two teenagers to come and homeschool them,” Hugh explained. “Poor things, they don’t know what’s hit them. Ghastly.

“My son self-harmed himself in front of this young tutor today because he couldn’t do a basic bit of arithmetic – so he stabbed himself in the face with a Biro.”

We should point out that Hugh chuckled after recounting the story in the video (above), so hopefully no serious harm was done. HuffPost UK has contacted the actor’s rep for comment.

The Love Actually star has two children with his ex, Tinglan Hong, and three with Swedish TV producer Anna Eberstein, who he married in 2018.

Hugh Grant and wife Anna Eberstein

Hugh recently credited his children with making him a better actor.

“People say to me ‘You’ve got better as an actor in the last ten years... Why?’ And I sometimes think it may be because of the kids,” he told Weekend magazine last year.

“I mean, it’s completely knackering trying to be a young father in an old man’s body and I’ve found that if you’re 60 and there are five small children in the house you can’t have a hangover either,” he says.

He adds: “But it’s worth it. Absolutely.”