12/04/2018 12:09 BST | Updated 13/04/2018 10:54 BST

Hugh Jackman Shares Public Support For 10-Year-Old Girl Who Posted Anti-Bullying Video

'I'm your friend,' the 49-year-old actor wrote.

Hugh Jackman has voiced his support for a 10-year-old whose anti-bullying video went viral on Facebook.

Cassidy Slater, from the US, wanted people to share her story about being bullied to raise awareness for other kids in similar situations. She held up cards to a camera explaining she had been bullied since she started school, having people pick fights with her and spit on her. 

Her video was removed from Facebook as the social media platform was notified she was underage, so her mum, Jen Slater, reposted it. “I feel so alone, I feel like I have no one and it hurts,” one card read. “This is my story, stop bullying - not just for me but for other kids too.”

After seeing the video, Hugh Jackman shared it and wrote: “I’m Hugh. I want you to know you’re loved, special and smart.”

The 49-year-old actor continued: “You’re strong, funny and beautiful both inside and out. Bullying is not OK. Please never stop asking for help. You will find it from people and places you never thought possible. I’m your friend.”

His post was shared 18,000 times. “This lovely gesture of yours is going to bring Cassidy more help and joy than you can’t imagine, thank you Hugh,” one person wrote. “You’re amazing and I admire your kind heart.”

Another commented: “Huge congrats for doing this Hugh. Cassidy, we’re all your friends. Hang in there, speak up and never ever believe them.”

Responding to the huge online support her daughter’s video received, Jen Slater wrote on Facebook: “I seriously never imagined her video would make it this far! If her story even inspired at least one child to stop bullying I’m content with that.”

For support and information:

Bullying UK - For advice on bullying at work, school and cyberbullying call 0808 800 2222.

Visit the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s interactive anti-bullying tool for parents.