12/02/2018 16:23 GMT

'The Hunted Experience' Is Coming To London: Here's How You Can Take Part

Have you got what it takes?

Ever watch ‘Hunted’ and feel convinced you could win the show? But can’t apply to compete because, y’know, it’d mean having to spend an entire month on the run?

If - like us - this is something you grapple with a lot, we’ve got some news to brighten up your day.

The makers of the Channel 4 show have announced plans for a live experience in London, inviting fans to take on the Hunters - for a far more feasible time of just 90 minutes.

Opening in May, ‘The Hunted Experience’ will give you the chance to try your hand at evading capture on the streets of London.

Participants will use their phones to receive messages from a mystery contact, who will attempt to guide them to an extraction point, with encrypted clues and puzzles to be solved along the way.

You can take place alone or in a team of two to three people. Obviously, if you’re going for the team approach, it’s worth picking some of your more discreet pals (now is not the time for your unimaginably loud and clumsy housemate to enter the fold).

If the success of the ‘Crystal Maze’ live experience is anything to go by, then we reckon this new ‘Hunted’ one will be a huge hit with fans.

Tickets are currently on sale - you can buy them here - and the experience takes place on weekends only.

And if you’re feeling especially confident (and have a lot more time on your hands), Channel 4 is currently taking applications for the next full series of ‘Hunted’ too. Find out how to apply on their official website.