27/06/2018 09:04 BST | Updated 28/06/2018 08:52 BST

Iain Lee Winds Up In Hospital After Bizarre Owl Attack

He detailed the encounter on Twitter (twoo).

We’ve had Shakira being bitten by a sea lion, Gordon Ramsay requiring stitches after an encounter with a puffin and Susan Sarandon falling foul of a dolphin, and now presenter Iain Lee has joined the bizarre club of celebrities who have been attacked by animals. 

The former ‘I’m A Celebrity’ contestants wound up in A&E after a meeting with an owl turned vicious. 

Iain Lee

Iain tweeted to reveal he might not be able to present his talkRadio show on Tuesday as he had been injured by a bird. 

He wrote: “Sorry guys. Not sure I’ll be able to do the show tonight. This is the weirdest thing but...I’ve just been attacked viciously. By an owl. 

“It sounds like a joke but it’s not. Just sitting in A&E with blood everywhere.”

And for anyone who had doubted Iain, he later tweeted a picture of himself with a massive bandage wrapped around his head outside hospital. 

“Ok. The doctors here are incredible,” he said. “I’ve had a tetanus and a few other injections. They GLUED the scratches on my head back together with GLUE. I’m woozy and in shock.”

However, he did manage to make his nightly radio show, where he revealed he had lost a pint of blood in the attack. 

“I have a blinding headache and feel like I’m going to throw up,” he told listeners.  

Iain seems to be having a run of bad luck of late, as back in April, he claimed he had fallen down a well. 

Appearing on ‘Good Morning Britain’ wearing a neck brace, he said he had to be rescued by firefighters after becoming trapped inside.  

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