I'm An Energy Expert – Here's What I Do To Lower My Bills

Oh good – it's almost time to switch the heating on again.
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Don’t say it, don’t say it, DON’T SAY IT...

We didn’t really get much of a summer, did we?

Yup, we’re all thinking it and now that the best days of the year weather-wise are behind us (were they ever really with us?) our thoughts are turning to the day we have to turn the heating back on.

With the cozzie livs crisis showing no signs of slowing, many of us are also planning how we can keep our energy bills as low as possible this year.

Fortunately the business comparison experts at Bionic have shared hacks that they use themselves to slash hundreds off their energy bills.

Adjust your thermostat by one degree

It’s the simplest way to save on your energy bills - turning your thermostat down by a single degree. Doing so can actually cut around 10% off your energy bills, which can estimate for an average UK house, a saving of £145 every year!

Reduce your boiler flow temperature

Around 80% of UK homes use a combi boiler, and the default boiler flow temperature is normally set to 70 degrees. Reducing it to 55-60 degrees can save around 6% on your energy usage. Your boiler will work more efficiently and you won’t even notice the difference!

Wash your clothes at a lower temperature

We’ve all been taught to wash at 40 degrees, and many of us don’t think to change that when adjusting the dials, but modern washing powders are actually made to wash at lower temperatures, as low as 20 degrees! The lower the temperature, the more energy you’ll save, but you may want to continue washing bedding and towels at a higher temperature.

Defrost your fridge freezer

It’s something we don’t really think about, but our fridge freezers are one of the biggest energy users in our house, mainly due to the fact that they are running 24 hours a day!

But, taking time to regularly defrost them can help keep the build up of ice under control and means everything can work more efficiently, using less energy and lowering your bills!

Turn on eco mode

Every wondered what the often blue ‘Eco’ button does on your appliances - turn them on! Lots of household appliances have eco modes which are designed to use less energy. They sometimes run at different speeds or use lower temperatures, helping you see savings over time compared to standard usage.

Pick the right hob for your pot

Every mindlessly pick out a pot and just place it on the most convenient hob, or maybe you even have a favourite hob that you use and refuse to touch the others? Well, by choosing the ring that’s closest in size to the saucepan you’re going to be using, you will be wasting less heat and will actually save money as you will need to use less energy, and always will need to spend less time cooking your food!

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