04/01/2017 12:22 GMT

6 Easy Ways To Revamp Your Tinder Profile For A More Successful 2017

Bring on the dates.

Maybe your love life in 2016 didn’t exactly turn out how you hoped it might, more microwave meals for one than Cotswolds weekend mini-breaks?

To try and make the next 12 months more successful, Tinder have shared the most fancied people on their app to guide us mere mortals on where we’re going wrong.

Here are 6 things we all need to do right now. 

1. Take your glasses off. 

Apparently the heartless people of the dating world don’t care about your ability to see things, they either want you to suffer with contact lenses or be forever alone. According to a Tinder study, wearing glasses in your pictures reduces your chance of a right swipe by 12%. It’s like being back in the playground. 

2. Smile with your teeth showing. 

The ever-growing popularity of duckface would lead us to believe that smiling is so 2016, but apparently a good old toothy-grin still wins over 14% more hearts than a pout. Get flossing people. 

3. Wear colours. 

Dressing head-to-toe in black might be a more accurate portrayal of your cold, dead, heart, but the people of dating apps apparently want you dressed in colour. So ditch the navy, beige, black and grey. Finding love is hard. 

4. Face the camera.

We all know which is our best side (and that the arty side profile really isn’t working out for some of our noses) but your odds of scoring a date go up by a fairly huge 20% if you’re facing the camera. Psychologists at Tinder think it’s because you seem approachable. We think it’s because we’ve nailed the selfie lighting. 

5. Write a detailed bio. 

Ah this old chestnut. Anyone who has been on dating apps for more than two minutes will have heard how important the bio is for potential matchmaking, but whether that means you have one is less certain. The study confirms that, yes, being able to give unique, personal, insights about yourself is going to move you up the love leaderboard. Pens at the ready.

6. Ask questions when you match. 

Well if you don’t know this one, there really is no hope for you. This is the oldest rule in the dating book. Remember it’s not all about you.