28/08/2017 19:21 BST | Updated 28/08/2017 20:02 BST

25 Jaw-Droppingly Beautiful Destination Wedding Pics You've Got To See

You'll want to plan a trip to one of these breathtaking places ASAP.

Junebug Weddings released their annual “Best of the Best Destination Photography” collection on Monday and the pictures do not disappoint.

Nico and Vinx Ferrara of The Ferros
The photo above, captured in The Dolomites in Italy, was one of 50 photos that made it into the 2017 collection. 

Wedding photographers from all around the world submitted 4,500 images for consideration. The Junebug team, along with five renowned photogs, whittled thousands of submissions down to just 50. 

The collection consists of a mixture of photos from weddings, elopements, engagements, proposals and other couples portrait sessions, Junebug told HuffPost. 

Check out 25 of our favorite images below. To see the complete collection, head over to Junebug Weddings. 

  • 1 Grindavik, Iceland
    Grindavik, Iceland
    Levi Tijerina
  • 2 Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona
    Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona
    Amy Painter of Amy Bluestar Photography
  • 3 Bow Lake, Alberta, Canada
    Bow Lake, Alberta, Canada
    Carey Nash of Carey Nash Photography
  • 4 Barbados
    Lukas Piatek
  • 5 Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Gustavo Franco of Gustavo Franco Fotografia
  • 6 Yosemite National Park, California
    Yosemite National Park, California
    Cody and Allison Photography
  • 7 Moab, Utah
    Moab, Utah
    Gabi Fox of The Foxes Photography
  • 8 Taipei, Taiwan
    Taipei, Taiwan
    Goose Yang of GOOD DAY Photography
  • 9 Santorini, Greece
    Santorini, Greece
    Jordan Voth of Jordan Voth Photography
  • 10 Northern Uganda
    Northern Uganda
    Carey Nash of Carey Nash Photography
  • 11 Golden Ears, British Columbia, Canada
    Golden Ears, British Columbia, Canada
    Dallas Kolotylo of Dallas and Sabrina
  • 12 Estonia
    Mait Juriado of M&J Studios
  • 13 Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada
    Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada
    Terry Photo Co.
  • 14 Nusa Penida, Indonesia
    Nusa Penida, Indonesia
    Indra Permana Kantawibawa of Iluminen
  • 15 E.C. Manning Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada
    E.C. Manning Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada
    Mathias Fast of Mathias Fast Photography
  • 16 Havana, Cuba
    Havana, Cuba
    Pol Sena of SweetPaperMedia
  • 17 Imperial Sand Dunes, California
    Imperial Sand Dunes, California
    Triniti Jensen of Trinjensen Photography
  • 18 Fjærland, Norway
    Fjærland, Norway
    Froydis Geithus of Froydis Geithus Photography
  • 19 Cartagena, Colombia
    Cartagena, Colombia
    Masson Liang of Masson Liang Photography
  • 20 Milan, Italy
    Milan, Italy
    Aisha Khan of Ama Photography and Cinema
  • 21 Lang Co Bay, Vietnam
    Lang Co Bay, Vietnam
    Tin Martin of TIN Wedding Photography
  • 22 The Dolomites, Italy
    The Dolomites, Italy
    Nico and Vinx Ferrara of The Ferros
  • 23 Jökulsárlón, Iceland
    Jökulsárlón, Iceland
    Cole Kor of 2 of Us Photography
  • 24 Rock Island, Tennessee
    Rock Island, Tennessee
    Nicola Harger of Nicola Harger Photography
  • 25 Aurland, Norway
    Aurland, Norway
    Melanie Ng of Assemblage Photography
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