18/05/2018 07:59 BST | Updated 18/05/2018 08:06 BST

'Innocent' Episode 4 Stuns Viewers With Reveal Of Tara Collins's Killer

A lot of people didn't see this coming.

ITV drama ‘Innocent’ drew to a shock conclusion on Thursday (17 May) night, as the identity of Tara Collins’s real killer was finally revealed. 

Having confirmed her husband David’s innocence during the previous episode, tensions ran high the net closed in on her sister and brother-in-law, Alice and Rob. 


However, there was a twist in store during the final 30 minutes of the episode, which uncovered the real cuplrit. 

*Warning!* A massive spoiler is about to follow...

After raising DI Hudson’s suspicions when he warned her to stop coming over to see David, his brother Phil became a last minute suspect, and it wasn’t long before he confessed to his crime. 

During a confrontation with David, Phil revealed he had always been jealous of his brother’s life, and on the night Tara died, he admitted he had driven down from Bolton to watch gleefully as his marriage fell apart. 


He then revealed that on his journey, he drove past a drunk Tara at the train station and picked her up in his van, where he soon touched her inappropriately. 

After she brushed him off and told him she would “never go that low”, his inferiority complex reared its head and he followed her out of the van and hit her with a lump hammer in a fit of emotional rage. 

The revelation blindsided viewers, who had suspected either Alice or Rob was guilty: 

However, there were others who said they knew all along, obvioulsy:

The episode ended with David seemingly setting off back up north for a new life with his kids. 

But after spending the night in the car, it was revealed they were actually parked in Alice and Rob’s driveway, with the family deciding to stay and start afresh. 

You can catch up on all four episodes of ‘Innocent’ on the ITV Hub now.