Guy Fed Up With Crappy World Shares Inspiring Action Plan To Make Him A 'Better Man'

This 22-year-old wants to turn his life around.

Sometimes the world can seem like a dark place. So, fed up with feeling anxious and unhappy, one guy decided to actually do something about it.

Not wanting to contribute any more bad things to the world, Imgur user AVkid penned a series of actions which he hopes will make him a "better man".

The guy boldly shared his list, which includes some personal points about improving his relationship with his girlfriend, getting anger management help and quitting lying, on the social sharing site.

We can't help but applaud his action plan and we hope it all works out.

The list reads:

1) Make a proper schedule. A schedule of your day-to-day activities will create stability.

2) Cut the fast food. You're done being a lazy boy. Eat well and for fuck's sake eat your veggies.

3) Work out at least 30 minutes a day, your junk food ass needs it.

4) Pitch yourself at least twice a week until you land a job.

5) Go enroll in anger management. You can't keep having temper tantrums like an asshole, you're almost 23 man.

6) Write at least 30 minutes a day because those scripts don't write themselves.

7) Stop lying. Even the little white lies. If you managed to stop lying to your girlfriend then you can stop lying to the rest of the world.

8) Stop trying so hard with your girlfriend. The tighter you hold on the more she'll push away.

9) Give yourself one compliment a day and find/make reasons to say "I'm awesome".

10) Put trust in someone/the world at least twice a day. You will be hurt, that's life.