National Beer Day: 7 Signs It's Beer O'Clock

Treat yo' self

In honour of National Beer Day, we’re celebrating all the times only a pint will do.

Whether you’re a lover of lager or more of a cask ale critic, you know when it is beer o’clock. And that anyone who suggests a wine bar can get in the sea.

So whose round is it?

1. It’s almost Friday and your boss has gone home early.

2. It’s sunny. And there's a reason it's called a beer garden not a wine garden, people.

3. You’ve had a bad day at work.

4. You’ve had a good day at work.

5. Someone else is buying a round.

6. It’s still not the weekend.

7. It is finally the weekend.

To the pub!

Please drink responsibly. For the facts, visit

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