07/03/2017 17:52 GMT

International Women’s Day 2017: Feminist Slogan Tees To Wear If You 'F***ing Want'

Slogan tee = girl power in 2017 ✌️

According to Gloria Steinem, “feminists can wear anything they fucking want.”

Speaking to TMZ in LaGuardia Airport on Saturday 3 March, Steinem responded to the recent backlash against Emma Watson’s revealing photoshoot for Vanity Fair’s March issue

Never one to speak ill of another woman, Steinem said what we were all thinking - without an air of hesitation.

All hail Queen Gloria. 

Since we can wear anything we “fucking want”, sharing how we really feel with a slogan tee seems rather fitting on International Women’s Day, which is why we’ve shopped around for the best t-shirts out there.

Let’s wear our feminist slogan tees in solidarity, ladies. 

  • "A Woman's Place Is In The Revolution", £16.38 (plus £12.28 shipping costs),
  • Photo @Liza Cowan
    "The Future Is Female", £24.51 (plus £14.75 shipping costs),
  • "Wild Feminist", £32.76 (plus £24.57 shipping costs), Wild Fang.
  • "My Favourite Position is CEO", £36.82 (plus £12.29 shipping costs), Feminist Apparel.
  • "Titty Tee", £30, Made By Bees.
  • "This Pussy Grabs Back", £32, Lapp The Brand.
  • "My Body My Business", £21.30 (plus £12.29 shipping costs), Female Collective.
  • "Feminist", £18, Tee & Cake at Topshop.