New iOS Bug Lets Anyone Access Your Photos And Contacts (Update)

This is worrying.

Update: Apple has now fixed the bug.

The newest version of Apple's iOS appears to house a rather dangerous bug that could give anyone access to your photos and contacts.

In order to get the bug to work there are several complicated steps but you never know who will be persistent enough to keep trying.

The iOS 9.3.1 bug was first spotted by a tech enthusiast, Jose Rodriguez, who posted his findings on YouTube.

The trick only works on iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, allowing users to bypass the lock using Siri.

According to YouTuber, videosdebarraquito, hackers can do this by asking Siri to search Twitter for an email address.

This will unlock the phone without needing your password.

Once the hacker finds the tweet, he or she can use the iPhone's 3D Touch to add the email address to your contacts.

This option pulls up the ability to see all your stored contacts, while also giving the perpetrator a chance to access all images your phone.

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