Euro 2016: Adorable Moment Irish Football Fans Sung Lullabies To Baby While On A Train In Bordeaux

'Ssshhh! There's a baby on board!'

A large group of Irish football fans unexpectedly serenaded an adorable baby while travelling on a train in Bordeaux.

Despite their team losing 3-0 to Belgium the previous day (Saturday 18 June), the group of men happily turned their attention to the baby girl sat on her dad's lap and broke out into song.

A passenger on the train managed to capture the whole recital of 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' as the baby aimlessly stared back at them, pretty confused.


Despite their loud singing, the fans proceeded to shout "Sshhhh" to everyone else on the train, explaining there was a baby on board.

And then they started again: this time, turning "Hush, little baby" into "Hush, little baby on board."

The video, uploaded to YouTube on 19 June, was viewed more than 116,000 times in just one day.


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