Iskra Lawrence Reveals Squats And Zero Diets Help Her Maintain A Happy And Healthy Body

'You’ve got one body, you’ve got to look after it.'

Model and Instagram star Iskra Lawrence has revealed how she keeps her body toned and healthy.

And the answer, it would seem, lies in squats. (And eating the occasional pizza.)

The 25-year-old has previously been praised for promoting healthy body image by starring in the Photoshop-free Aerie Real campaign and posting body-positive shots on Instagram.

Now, she's revealed the fitness secrets behind a happy and healthy body.

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Lawrence, who is a size 14, said that she aims to work out every other day.

"You only need 30 minutes sometimes to get a sweat on, feel good, get the endorphins going," she told the Daily Star. "But squats are my thing.

"I use exercise as a reward so I try and remember how I feel after that workout when you can’t get that motivation."

If she's travelling, which a lot of the time she is, Lawrence will take a skipping rope with her, so she can squeeze some cardio in, or she'll do an ab workout.

"You’ve got one body, you’ve got to look after it," she added.

Lawrence explained that she hadn't dieted in years - since she was a teen, in fact - and that she occasionally eats fast food, crisps or sweet treats, but all in moderation.

She said that eating and exercising in moderation (not to the point where you "pass out") has made her "happier and healthier than ever".

In a previous interview with The Huffington Post UK, Lawrence said her self-confidence stemmed from years-worth of battling with her body.

"I discovered I couldn't change, and shouldn't," she said.

"My confidence comes from the realisation that actually the best you can be is you."

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