Parents Asked To Show Kids' Birth Certificates To Qualify For Council's Fortnightly Dirty Nappy Disposal

The bin men will only collect nappies from kids aged three and under.

Parents have reportedly been told they will have to show their child’s birth certificate if they want the council to dispose of dirty nappies.

According to the Daily Post, waste management teams at Isle of Anglesey County Council are asking mums and dads to prove their child is aged three or under if they want to receive the service, as they have “evidence that most children are potty trained between ages of two and three”.

However parents are arguing this does not take into to account different rates of child development.

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The Isle of Anglesey County Council has a service where parents can set up fortnightly nappy collections.

Those who do not prove their child is aged under three will be asked to put nappies in with their household waste, which is collected one every three weeks.

Dad Ian Cheney, who lives in Amlwch, has a five-year-old daughter, Olivia, who suffers from Down’s Syndrome.

“I automatically assumed that Livy would be eligible for the council service because of her disability,” he told the Daily Post.

“But Livy is obviously bigger than a toddler, so her nappies are also taking up more space. I’d have thought that disabled children who still need to wear nappies, would be automatically eligible.”

An Anglesey Council spokesman told The Mirror: “It has been agreed to offer this service up until a child’s third birthday.

“Requesting a copy of a child’s birth certificate will allow us to monitor the number of children benefiting from the service and their respective ages.”

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