07/01/2019 06:00 GMT | Updated 07/01/2019 06:00 GMT

10 Of The Best Gifts For New Parents – It's Not For Baby, It's For You!

Because babies get enough.

Babies are so spoilt, aren’t they? They’re not even hours old and they get balloons, clothes, even cookies – and they’re too little to eat solids anyway. What about the people who have arguably done most (if not all) of the hard work: the parents?

They’re the ones who will exist in a haze of sleep-deprivation for the next few weeks, months (or possibly, years). They don’t even have names anymore – it’s just Mummy or Daddy, now.

Here are ten of the best gifts for new parents. Who knows, they might even make up for all the baby sick. 

The Gift Of Food



New Parents Meal Boxes, COOK, from £41 

If there’s one thing that suddenly becomes impossible when you have a new baby, it’s cooking - and there’s only so long you can survive on takeaways before your insides begin to hurt.

With that in mind, ‘COOK’ vouchers are a truly brilliant idea. The home-style frozen food company offers ‘New Parents Meal Boxes’ for £61 (seven nights of meals for two people), £119 (14 nights of meals for two), a ‘New Mums Survival Box’ for £41 (10 nights of meals for one) or ‘New Dads Survival Box’ for the same price. New parents can even get 10% off the entire ‘COOK’ range for six whole months. 

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The Gift Of Bubbles

Neal's Yard

Mother’s Bath Oil, Neal’s Yard, £15.50

For the love of all that is holy, run a new mother a bath. Add candles and some of this lovely bath oil, containing organic bergamot and ylang ylang essential oils, and DO NOT DISTURB HER. I repeat, not for anything. Not until her skin is wrinkled, she looks like a prune and the water is absolutely freezing.

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The Gift Of Jewellery


Personalised Ring Name Necklace, YvonneAJewellery via Etsy, From £25

Something with baby’s name on it is bound to make a new mother go starry-eyed, and if it’s pretty jewellery for her too, that’s a double-win. If she’s got more than one child, you can add rings to this cute personalised name necklace, so she can wear them close to her heart at all times. Awww. 

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The Gift Of Beauty


Beauty subscription, Birchbox, £30 For Three Months

New mums deserve a treat. And what better treat than a box filled with luxury make-up and beauty products, every single month? Trust me, she’ll love it. She might not have much time to use it, but she’ll love looking at the pretty packaging, at least. 

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The Gift Of Caffeine

Coffee Club/Coffee Factory Ltd

Three Months Gift Subscription, Coffee Club, £29

There’s no tiredness quite like the tiredness of being a new parent. It feels like your eyes are burning, all the time. You can’t focus, you feel dizzy, you struggle to maintain conversation.

If you have these Walking Dead zombies in your life, give them caffeine. And if you can’t give it to them intravenously, try intoxicating scent of fresh coffee, delivered to their door each month. It’ll help them stagger less.  

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The Gift Of Chocolate (and Cava)


Baby Gift with Rosado Cava Prestige, Marc de Champagne Truffles & Soft Toy, Marks & Spencer, £40

This is a bit of a cheat, this one – because baby gets a present, too. But it’s so cute, we can see new parents everywhere clutching the adorable soft toy to them while stuffing the entire box of truffles into their mouths and washing it down with some delicious Cava. 

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The Gift Of Escape

Smartbox by Buyagift at John Lewis

Charming Escape Gift Experience, Buy A Gift via John Lewis,  £69.99

At some point in the first year of becoming a parent, every mother (or father) dreams of running away. And if you can make that dream come true - on a temporary basis - you’ll be their best friend. Forever. They need a break and you can make it happen. Just don’t forget to arrange a babysitter. 

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The Gift Of Artwork

Family Portrait, Personalised Print, Poster Or Canvas, Posterhaste, From £20.00

This is cute. And, as the manufacturers say, a lot easier than getting the whole family to smile nicely for the camera. You can select all sorts of personalised options - from different family member stick figure outlines, clothing colours, facial expressions and hair. They’ll love it. 

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The Gift Of Feeling Smooth

Cowshed/Space NK

Cowshed Knackered Essentials Bag, SPACE NK, £20

Knackered sounds about right. But feeling clean and smooth makes it all okay again. Everyone likes posh smellies - and with this trio of relaxing bath and shower gel, body lotion and ‘Lippy Cow’ lip balm, all enclosed in a sexy little wash bag - new parents will be able to pretend they’re away at a posh spa hotel, even if they’re just hiding in the bathroom at home to get out of the next nappy change. 

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The Gift Of Binge-Watching

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Gift Card, Netflix, from £15 

For the first two weeks after bringing home a newborn, there’s not much to do except collapse on the sofa with them sleeping softly on your chest. In that time, you can watch entire box sets – such as seven series of Gilmore Girls (so I’ve heard), and all of House of Cards. You can help your new parent friends binge until they’re satisfied with the help of a Netflix Gift Card. You can even choose the amount you ‘gift’ them - from a minimum of £15, to a maximum of £100. 

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