Dad-To-Be Reveals What It Is Like For Men To Go Through IVF

'Never give up. Whatever it is, one day, you’ll get there.'

When talking about IVF most of the focus is on mum, as the one who has to undergo treatments, hormone therapy and potentially even miscarriages.

But how do men feel on that long journey to becoming a parent?

Now a dad-to-be has shared an emotional open letter about the last five years of “hell” that has finally ended in pregnancy.

The anonymous man left a picture of the positive pregnancy test on Imgur with a touching message: “The last five years have been hell.

“Fertility treatments and hormone therapy that made my my wife nearly lose it. More money spent than we would care to ever admit. Four-hour round trip drives to the nearest specialist.

“One miscarriage and four failed IUI’s. We almost gave up so many times, but life found a way. Her blood work has all come back great, we’re looking at late May or early June delivery if all goes well.”

Explaining why he chose to share his story so publicly the husband explained: “I know most will skim right past this, but I haven’t really told anyone yet and you f**kers have been right there when shit was really bad, always giving me a giggle, or making me feel better about our stupid lil’ world we all share. I love you guys. When shit gets bad, just keep going. Never give up. Whatever it is, one day, you’ll get there.”