Beyoncé's Ivy Park Has Created A Baseball Cap For Afros And Curly Hair

"Take all my money."

Great news for those with curly and coily hair: Beyoncé’s Ivy Park range now includes a baseball cap that makes room for all those locks.

The velvet cap (which you can get for £20 in Topshop) is like your ordinary baseball cap, only with half the back missing to make room for big hair.

The style adaptation is winning Ivy Park new fans.

“I don’t like Beyoncé but I need this hat for my puffs,” one Twitter user commented.

“Finally a hat for my naturalness,” said another. And the celebratory GIFs were hilarious:

If you style it right, you’ll no longer have to worry about that awkward half helmet, half frizz hair situation.

Thank you, Queen Bey.