Labour MP Jack Dromey Gives Anti-Corbyn Interview - Then Jeremy Shows Up

Hypocrisy or simply two men being civil?

You may well have noticed already but if not, the Labour party is a little bit divided at the moment.

The collective infighting was encapsulated wonderfully in an ITV interview with Jack Dromey on Thursday night.

The Labour MP was giving his reasons for backing Owen Smith when none other than leader Jeremy Corbyn himself appeared.

Dromey said: “Labour is divided we once again to unite. That means strong new leadership.

“That’s why I’m supporting Owen Smith but it then means us turning outwards to the country, we can’t go on talking to one another, we’ve got to stand up to the country.”

As Dromey speaks cheers begin to rise from the crowd. The camera pans to Corbyn strolling into the Labour hustings in Birmingham sporting a wide smile.

He says: “Hi Jack, alright? Nice to see you”

All smiles, Dromey replies: “Very good, good to see you.”

He then pats him on the back as he walks off.

Reaction to the clip was mixed with some seeing it as a sure sign of hypocrisy...

While others simply saw two men being civil to each other...

In the latest Labour leadership hustings with Smith, Corbyn repeated his plan for diplomacy with Trump, and dealing with his anti-Muslim rhetoric, that was first revealed to The Huffington Post UK last year.

The Islington North MP said:

“I would try to help him. I would invite him to come to my constituency. I would invite him to come to Finsbury Park. We could talk about culture, diversity and history over a cup of tea in the mosque.”

Last month, Trump courted controversy when he suggest membership of Nato was conditional on other nations paying their “fair share”.

It was hugely significant, the first time a would-be US President had raised a question mark over the defence of its major allies under the 28-state collective alliance, which is enshrined in Article 5 of the Nato treaty.

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